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Lead by a team of existing Brewing and Crypto Veterans wanting to give back to the Web3 world and help independent breweries at the same time! OPENING IN A CITY NEAR YOU!



3 Tiers of Membership

Depending your level of desire to be part of the DAO there will be different tiers of membership offering different perks. All levels earn $PINTS by staking their NFT.

Earn Free Beer

$PINTS - Governance Token to be airdropped in the future for voting on decisions of Marketplace and brewpubs. Redeemable for FREE BEER online or at our Brewpub locations.


50% off for NFT holders. We will be spreading the craft culture by building Brewpubs and partnering with local breweries in Major Cities all over the world.

Uniting Beer & Web3 - IRL


Our brewpubs will have a NFT gallery area in the front to showcase local artists!

Web3 Project Launches

Launch your Web3 project at our location for a discount or even FREE if you have enough $PINTS!

Custom Beer LAbels

Get your project on your own cans if you hold our top NFT once a year or a discounted fee with other tiers.

Our goal is to help local artists launch at a less expensive price point while helping the Craft Beer world, all while giving back to holders! The idea helps all parties local artists, beer lovers, and breweries!

Web3 Platform - Uniting Beer Lovers & Brewers


How many NFT's will there be?

5,600 NFT's will be dropped intially in 3 different tiers.

What are the 3 Tiers

Founder - 100 - Gold Card

Brewmaster - 500 - Black Card

Connoisseur - 5000 - Silver Card

Value Add / Utility

50% off Beer at every location / partner location.

Stake your NFT and Earn $PINTS.

Use $PINTS on Beer Platform or redeem in person for BEER!

Founder - Focused on Breweries

-Buying Coop Platform (Bulk Buying Discounts)

-Quality Assurance / Quality Control Knowledge and Help Forum

-Marketing via Network

-Lottery for next potential build out location whichever town you are from

-IRL Discounts at Locations on Beer and Food.

Brewmaster - Focused on Homerbrewers

-Discounted Grain using $PINTS

-Discounted Brewing Equipment using $PINTS

-Quality Assurance / Quality Control Knowledge with Professional Brewers

-Homebrew Competitions to be brewed at brewpub locations

-IRL Discounts at Locations on Beer.

Connoisseur - Focused on Beer Traders and Beer Lovers

-Platform to trade beer on for everyone but NFT holders get a discount and also have the option of paying in $PINTS.

-Access to Unique Brewery Experiences and Tours that you couldn't get without our network.

-Interact with Brewers and learn more about your favorite beers.

-IRL Discounts at Locations on Beer.

What is a DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization, sometimes called a decentralized autonomous corporation, is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government.

Who is ArtRoom.ETH?

Our Gallery Curators! Check their website -> ArtRoom.ETH

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